Stars N Beyond is one of the global educational service providers that provides end-to-end solution to our students. Guiding them through their education journey of study abroad by helping them choosing a country and an educational institute and this partnership continue after they have completed their education by helping them entering into their professional career path.


After having discussions about your interests and skill set; our consultants and experts will help you in identifying the best institute in suitable country of your choice by providing complete details about your desirable subjects. We have created a vast network of prospect having their regional offices in many countries, helping students in making decisions about the carrier goals.

Our Objectives

  • Establish partnership with leading institutions and obtain official representation.
  • Helping students in identifying the right education path and selecting the best institutions for them to fulfil their education

Find Suitable Course

Our database can provide you information of various leading schools, colleges and universities across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. With the option of accessing several courses and degree programs to choose from that matches your skillset and interests.

We can help you to start your global career. 

SnB helps student to fulfill their career goals having interest in studying abroad for your pro success and personal growth. 

Advantages for Studying Abroad

Are you looking for best suitable course in on of the top leading universities where you can submit your applications? Or need to know details about study visa requirements? 

Our SnB consultants will help you at every step and work closely to make you prepare for your journey abroad. We  know that moving abroad, away from your family will not be easy for you  and your family. Therefore, SB consultants will take the responsibility  to support you and your family in your new journey abroad. 

Educational Experts are Just a Click Away!

The consultants we have at SnB are those who have been there in the same place that you are right now, who went abroad to fulfill their career goals.  They know how difficult it was for them to find the suitable institute  and finding the right course that suits their interest. Therefore, we have official SnB social media groups, where complete guidance is on hand for our students studying abroad. Where SnB experts share their experience and guide each other. Because they know, the importance of having appropriate information before stepping out and heading towards a foreign country.You won’t feel alone at you journey abroad!

Our experts will be there to support you at every step!

We continue to provide guidance even after you receive acceptance letter from your selected university. At SNB, we are dedicated to ensuring that you feel supported at every stage of your study abroad journey. 

Plan your journey in just few steps

An appointment can easily be booked with any of your SnB representatives/ counselors, so that your journey could easily be planned from where you are today to where you wanted to be in the coming years.