Academic Year

September – June

Canada has been ranked the best place to study abroad for two consecutive years. The Canadian education system prides itself on being a world-leader in research while still remaining accessible and diverse. Compared to other higher education systems, Canadian degree programs may seem more flexible as well.

Students can choose from over 200 institutions of higher education at which to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree. On average, a bachelor’s degree will take four years, while a master’s can be completed in one to two years. To complete a doctorate degree, it can take anywhere from four to six years. It’s also important to note that all students, both Canadian and international, are responsible for paying tuition fees.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Canada vary by institution and province, but the cost is generally more affordable when compared to other countries around the world.

Tuition fees are determined by universities and are comprised of several factors including whether you’re an international of domestic student and at what level you are studying. The annual cost of studying at a Canadian university for international students starts at about CA$ 21,000 for undergraduates. If you want to study at the postgraduate level, expect tuition fees to be reasonably higher.

Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the other English-speaking countries, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Therefore, Canada is a great option for international students who are interested in studying in an English-speaking country but need to do so on a budget.

Grants & Scholarships

Scholarship funding for international students who wish to study in Canada is limited, highly competitive, and available mostly at the postgraduate level.

Some of the scholarships available are:

Housing & Living Cost

Canada’s budget friendly entertainment makes it a great choice for students studying abroad. Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal are much more affordable compared to big cities like London and New York. On average, students should expect to spend somewhere between $675-$875 CAD a month, plus a student dormitory will typically cost an additional CA$550-CA$600.

Keep in mind that Canada has specific rules and regulations when it comes to working on a student permit. Therefore, students should not rely on getting a job to fund their studies.

Admission application Process

Admission process can be varied based on the level of education you are applying for and the university of your choice therefore, we will guide you once you have narrowed down the university.

Visa application Process

Visa application process varies on the country of your citizenship, the country in which you are apply for the student visa, and the requirements of the local embassy in the country you are apply for the student visa.