Academic Year

February – November

Study in Australia is a smart move for your future career. Australian universities rank highly in terms of quality education, academic and employer reputation. Australia’s has its 6 universities in the top 100 international universities globally (University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Queensland, Monash University, University of Sydney, and UNSW Sydney).

Australia has some of the best student cities based on student life and cultural diversity rankings with cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are among them. Australian government has invested more than 300 Australian dollars for more than 3.000 scholarships for international students.

Australia is a pioneer country in research in science, humanities, and education. Australia is at the forefront of innovation and new technologies.


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Australia are little higher than other countries but it is still most popular and attractive study destination globally, welcoming around 800,000 students yearly. Bachelor’s degree in Australia will cost on average between 20,000 – 45,000 Australian dollars per year. While Master’s and Doctorate degrees cost around 22,000 – 50,000 Australian dollars per year. The cost for Medical and Veterinary degrees will be increased.

Grants & Scholarships

The majority of international students in Australia pay full fees for their studies, However, there are a number of scholarships available to assist students with the cost of their education. The Australian government, education institutes and various other organizations offer Australian scholarships to international students. A lot of programs of Australian universities offer their own scholarships as well. Some of the Australian Scholarships available to eligible international students are:

Admission application Process

Admission process can be varied based on the level of education you are applying for and the university of your choice therefore, we will guide you once you have narrowed down the university.

Visa application Process

Visa application process varies on the country of your citizenship, the country in which you are apply for the student visa, and the requirements of the local embassy in the country you are apply for the student visa.