We work directly with the education institutes in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and we work with our partners in Canada, Republic of China, Germany, Italy, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.

Study in Australia

Australia has diverse programs, affordable education. It’s education institutes has global academic reputation, scholarship on offer, work while you study, fantastic weather, and lots of outdoor activities.  Whether you choose to do an MBA, Engineering, Science, Humanities, Vocational training or English language course, Australia is the spot to be.


Study in the UK

British education high standards are recognised internationally for their high standard, creative and challenging environments, which help push students to be their best. British education institutes are generally high in internationally rankings. 

Study in the USA

USA provides vast academic opportunities. Education institutes in the United States offers a wide variety of degrees and study options to students. Which will improve your career opportunities. Studying in the USA you will experience a world class student support.

Study in Canada

For decades, Canada has welcomed international students from around the globe and consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world. Canada offers an internationally recognized education from some of the top educators and academics in the world. Studying in Canada may lead to a career in Canada or a better career opportunity at home.

Study in China

Chinese culture is amazing, it is one of the oldest civilization, and it is an excellent place to go. Education in China is very affordable and offer a fantastic experience. Studying in China is very different from studying in any western country.

Study in Germany

Universities in Germany are well known to excel in infrastructure and curricula. All universities ensures all students get a unified and internationally reconized degrees. You can study in English if your German language is not good. German people are friendly and you will find sports and physical activities all year around in winter or summer.  

Study in the Italy

Italy’s universities are one of the oldest universities in Europe and in the world. The University of Bologna was founded in 1088. There are wide range of excellent academic institutions where international students are warmly welcomed. Students studying in Italy gain valuable knowledge in the classroom, and an important cultural experience in Europe’s youngest republic.

Study in Ireland

Ireland gained independence from United Kingdom (UK) in 1922 therefore, it has inherited its education system from the UK. Ireland has seven universities which offers bachelor and masters degrees. Ireland is known for its history, culture, vibrant nightlife, valleys, and rugged coastline. Most students come here from North America, UK and Europe.

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a wonderful outdoor lifestyle and multi-cultural environment. Studying in New Zealand means to experience a diverse culture and natural beauty, it has landscapes from bubbling volcanoes and rolling greens to snowy mountains to gold sand beaches. New Zealand education is very similar to United Kingdom.