What is the right time to apply for student visa?

An appointment can easily be booked with any of our SnB representatives/ counselors, so that your journey could easily be planned from where you are today to where you wanted to be in the coming years.

What is the procedure of submitting a student visa application

You need to follow several steps in order to submit your application for student application. The steps may vary according to applicant details, selected study plan and country for which you are going to apply. In most of the cases following steps are mandatory:

  • Enrollment/ acceptance letter from the university /institution
  • You bank statement, that you can afford the university fees, cost of air fares, accommodation expenditures etc.
  • Valid passport having expiry of more than 6 months beyond your stay period.
  • Proof of English proficiency in the form of certificate, health examination undertaking and background checks.

How we can help you with visa application?

Here at this stage, your counselor at SnB can provide you each and every bit of information needed to fulfill the criteria for visa application submission.

As all the submitted documents need to be scanned along with certified translation. Therefore, your counselor will do this for you and provide you the  certified translation services as well. 

Depending upon the selected country, visa requirement may vary, so we will make sure to give you access to official websites and also make sure you are getting the latest information regarding your application submission.