We are there to help you and make you feel at home abroad!

We  are there to provide you 100% support at each and every level of your study abroad journey along with proper preparation for your overseas studies that is very important for your career success. 

Our counselors are here to answer any queries you have. Therefore, we will arrange per-departure briefings to aid you and to rest assure your family that you are looked after. These events will help you prepare for the life abroad.  


It  is far most important that you have knowledge about the culture of the country where you are going to spend important part of your life. Knowing the local culture will help you to interact with your new classmates in more effective manner. 

Advises for student jobs/ Internships

We will guide to coordinate with appropriate departments to find a right internships and/or study jobs while staying within the rules of your student visa. In this way you will get some practical experience along with some compensation to fulfill your expenditures. 

Beginning of your Student life in country abroad

When  you choose to study abroad then you have to prepare yourself, that it  will be totally a new environment where you have to adjust yourself at any cost otherwise it will be very difficult for you to handle. Therefore, being as a student from foreign country you should know about  the new cultural norms as well.  

Getting the foreign currency exchanged

 One  of the major things in your to do list is setting up a bank account. By doing this it will make ensure that you won’t have to face any problem in paying for accommodation, university fee and other expenses. It will also be helpful in case you are allowed to work along with your studies. 

Guardianship and Welfare Services

To fulfill the requirement of guardianship for the students age 18 or under; we’ll be there to help you find a guardian.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

We’ll help you getting the appropriate health insurance during your study abroad journey. 

Accommodation Services

We are there to help you finding the affordable accommodation that you can call home!