If  you’ve selected Australia as target country for studies then we provide  some extra services that are student Essentials, which will aid you to settle in. 

Once you’ve selected the country and the course you wanted to study, then there comes the time for you to arrange a suitable place to live. If your destination is Australia, the country offers a wide range of option to their foreign students. Therefore, you have no need to worry, SnB counselor will help you to coordinate with the education housing department in arranging the right accommodation.  

We will make sure to find a place which you call HOME, within your budget and according to your lifestyle. 

Finding  the appropriate living place depends upon the availability, your age, the course you’re studying and at which time of year you’ve taken admission in the university.

High school student (age 18 or under) gets different options, like, you’re staying with  relatives, living with an Australian family as paying guest or live-in  boarding school. 

While the tertiary students got the options to either to select student residences or live with an Australian family as paying guest or live with any of your own family member or friends.